Our Team

  • Whitney Greaves
    Chief Executive Officer and Owner
  • John Stephenson
    President and Owner
  • Judy Mitchell
    Vice President of Operations
  • Aaron Parker
    Vice President of Asset Management
  • Jim Palecek
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Jeff Miller
    Acquisition Analyst
  • Laura Heard
    Regional Property Manager
  • Berit Evenstad
    Regional Property Manager
  • Jessica Adam
    Regional Property Manager
  • Terri Richey
    Marketing Director
  • Maddie Crozier
    Assistant Marketing Director
  • Matthew Brimble
    Senior Portfolio Accountant
  • Paula Toppings
  • Marsha Jones
    Accountant/Utility Specialist
  • Alexa Graham
  • Teresa Lippert
  • Jim Lippert